We’re descendants of both men and angels. Our parents like to tell us that makes us fallible. -Administrator Agreias

The Nihilim are mortal descendants of men and angels. Over time, they became a race of their own.


Nihilim have the following racial traits:

  • Outsider type, with 8 racial hit dice
  • The Angel, Good, and Native subtypes
  • 60 ft darkvision and low-light vision
  • Immunity to Acid, Cold and Petrification
  • Resistance to electricity 10 and fire 10
  • +4 racial bonus on saves against poison
  • Base land speed of 30 feet
  • White feathery wings enabling a fly speed of 60 feet (double their base land speed).
  • Protective Aura (Su) Against attacks made or effects created by evil creatures, this ability provides a +4 deflection bonus to AC and a +4 resistance bonus on saving throws to anyone within 20 feet of the angel. Otherwise, it functions as a magic circle against evil effect and a lesser globe of invulnerability, both with a radius of 20 feet (caster level equals angel’s HD). The defensive benefits from the circle are not included in an angel’s statistics block.
  • Truespeech (Su) All angels can speak with any creature that has a language, as though using a tongues spell (caster level equal to angel’s Hit Dice). This ability is always active.
  • Proficient with all simple and martial weapons
  • Proficient with light, medium and heavy armor and shields1 (including tower shields)
  • +6 to three ability scores, +4 to the other three
  • Lay on Hands (Su) A Nihilim can use Lay on Hands as a 4th level paladin (half of their racial hit dice), unless they receive this ability from another source, in which case, they instead treat their paladin level as being 4 higher when using their existing Lay on Hands ability2.
  • Spell-like Abilities3
    At Will—aid, continual flame, detect evil, discern lies and dispel evil
  • 1 Free Class Level (No impact on CR)
  • A base CR of 8

1 And that’s just the stuff they get for being angels

2 This is kind of like giving bonus power points to psionic races, except it’s still useful by itself. This is also an alternative to giving them cure light wounds as a spell-like ability.

3 All of the Devas have these, they aren’t that powerful, and they go well with the overall theme

GM Thoughts

The supernatural abilities that Angels get are obviously not intended for use with a low-CR playable race. The permanent 20-ft Globe of Invulnerability is especially sick. The minimum CR a creature with those abilities should have is probably 8 or 9, at which point a party should have the spells needed to overcome it.

After comparisons to creatures with a similar CR, giving them 8 racial hit dice and a base CR of 8 seems a little on the weak end. I think that throwing the free class level out there helps them ‘catch up’ to the bare minimum CR of 8.


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