Minor Characters

The Early Days

  • Timmah!
  • Dink – Illina’s Boss

The Drow Plotline

  • The big nasty drow who was in charge
  • The cleric. The one that smokes pancake-smoked cigars now
  • Tirithiel
  • Felix – but I think I made him his own article already

The Pirate Plotline

  • The captain of the ship
  • The first mate of the ship
  • Michael

Athearah vs teh(sic) Evil!

  • The Warlock. Who is dead and definitely won’t be showing up again. We never actually got his name…
  • The silver dragonkin who ran the temple
  • The black dragonkin who took his place
  • The gold dragonkin that was used to ‘distract’ Illina
  • The two dragonkin priests up in that mountain
  • The dragonkin blacksmith up in the mountains
  • The guy I bought that gem from. Didn’t he have a huge black pearl?

The Catfolk War Plotline

  • The captain commander – wait, I think it was major general commander
  • The lieutenant major general captain … that goatfolk
  • The two goatfolk responsible for tying Illina up
  • The elephant that inerrupted when Illina was being tied up
  • That two headed Gnoll – She needs her own article…
  • The Duke back in that city

The Adventurous Plotline

  • The armored tortoise Lorn fought

Minor Characters

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