Beginning millions, or perhaps billions of years ago
  • Millions of years later, a second civilization happens along and builds the second ring, then disappears after wiping out all information about the Ringbuilders they could find. The exact time is known, but not established.
  • ??? – A third, mysterious civilization builds the third ring, also known as Mechanus. They only know that it wasn’t built by either of the others because none of the writings they left behind (precious little as there were) reference it. Whoever built this ring left no records, and didn’t set foot on the other rings or any of the planets.

Recent History

  • Anywhere from 10 to 80 thousand years ago – The gods uncover the Outer Ring’s true purpose, and a desperate struggle begins to control its power.
  • 3 distinct factions arise, each in control of one of the Outer Rings’s three functional mass teleportation grids. Faced with a stalemate, the declared wars end, but the fighting continues through proxies on the material plane.
  • 5-10 thousand years ago – Four of the remaining 36 generators are destroyed in a cascading failure, leaving only 32 functioning and destroying all 3 of the last complete circuits, effectively ending the millenia-long cold war.
  • ???
  • Current Day


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