Legend of the Diamondstalker

Illina on the Shooting Range

Somewhere along the way, it occurred to Illina that it would be valuable to train herself to use her new plasma attacks while she had access to an (almost) unlimited source of fuel.

And so, after her brief episode while trying to seek out Tantra, this conversation played out:

Athearah: “Illina, are you sure you’re going to be okay?”
Illina: “Yeah, I’ll be fine.”
Illina: ”...hey, do you have a shooting range?”
Gharix: (blank stare) ”...yes?”
[Cut to the shooting range]

Day 185

Log Begins Day 185 at 02:40

Illina wakes up in her sister’s bedroom, feeling refreshed and optimistic about the day in front of her. As she goes about the start of her day, she can visibly see the relief in everyone’s eyes, now that the threat looming over everyone’s head has been dealt with.

Everyone knew that one day, the hosts and the Nihilim would clash. The results were less bloody than everyone had feared, but nobody has been left without scars.

Suddenly, Illina’s struck by a thought. Couldn’t I find Tantra through the hive mind? My broadcaster was easily reaching out over miles with just a little bit of power. Gharix said I could probably broadcast over an entire planet. Couldn’t I find her by flying by each of the planets and ‘listening’ for the hive mind?

Summary of loose ends

  • Agreias and Gharix are separately investigating exactly what Asrael was doing behind their backs
  • Athearah wants to pursue Tantra and the renegade hosts
  • Illina is wondering if she can locate Tantra via the hive mind
  • Lorn is still at large
  • Eclipse is working with IRIS to figure out who and what Tantra took with her, and whether or not she will be able to implant new symbiotes
Queen Illina?


  • Around Noon – Illina decides to find out what big secret Gharix is hiding from her
  • 12:04 – Illina finishes having dinner with her family
  • 12:10 – Gharix explains the implications of her symbiote’s abilities
  • 12:18 – Administrator Agreias interrupts and takes them to an interrogation room
  • 12:31 – Agreias discovers Illina’s socketing matrix and reacts with hostility when he realizes Gharix’s plan is near completion
  • 12:33 – Eclipse breaks his cover and shuts Agreias down. At this point, Gharix should have won, but…
  • 12:33 – Asrael, who was watching the interrogation when it was abruptly cut off, acts on his own and orders Tantra to attack
  • 12:36 – Faced with death at the hands of the symbiote hosts, Illina quickly learns how to compete with Tantra for control of the hive mind
  • 12:38 – Tantra realizes that Illina’s strength of will rivals her own, and forcefully splits the hive mind in two
  • 12:42 – The two hives briefly clash before Athearah and Agreias convince Asrael to call a cease fire
  • 12:43 – Athearah, assuming the role of Arbiter, negotiates with Asrael
  • 13:23 – Athearah briefly speaks with Agreias in private while Asrael covers his ears
  • 13:28 – Relying on Agreias’ advice, Athearah agrees to surrender Illina under Asrael’s terms
  • 13:30 – Without a moment’s hesitation, Asrael draws his weapon and murders Illina in cold blood
  • 13:30 – Asrael orders Tantra to resume her attack
  • 13:30 – Asrael’s head explodes
  • 13:30 – Illina steps into the picture, yells “You BASTARD!”, and blasts his corpse several times in a vengeful rage (saving Athearah the trouble)
  • 13:31 – Agreias recovers in time to stop Tantra from resuming her attack
  • 13:35 – Tantra contacts Illina, announcing her intention to leave with the hosts under her control. Everyone watches helplessly as she and the 3000 hosts under her control teleport to the IRIS-held hangars and abandon the ship.
  • 13:52 – Agreias holds a meeting and recaps recent events for the Nihilim, using video recordings as visual testimony
  • 14:24 – Eclipse messages Illina, informing her that the remaining hosts have requested to see her in the Atrium
  • 14:25 – Illina addresses her hive, gives a short, meandering speech, that ends with her saying, “Let’s have a huge party! Right here!”
  • 15:18 – The party begins. To Illina’s delight, the hosts know how to throw a good party
  • 15:40 – Illina invites the Nihilim to join in
  • 17:22 – Illina begins flirting with the male hosts
  • 17:42 – Illina begins flirting with the female hosts
  • 18:21 – Illina begins molesting the female Tortoise hosts
  • 18:32 – Illina convinces Ryja and Muffin to go meet her family
  • 18:33 – ‘Stuff’ happens

The Details

After a nice family dinner, Illina sits down to have a serious talk with her mother.

Among the questions she needs to ask:
  • What’s the real reason you sent me away?
  • What the fuck is going on?
  • Why won’t anyone tell me what the fuck is going on?

Before she could say anything, [[:Claire | her mother] said, “Illina, it’s hard for Gharix. He can’t just come right out and tell you, because, well … because, Illina. He needs you to be Queen.”


Illina: “Okay…what exactly do you mean by ‘Queen’?”
Claire: “Let’s see…well, do you have ants on your world?”
Illina: “Yes…actually.”
Claire: “Huh…seems like they’re everywhere. Anyways, like that kind of queen.”
Illina: ”...you mean, the only egg-laying female?”
Claire: ”...maybe you should talk to Gharix, honey”

And so, Illina went to go talk with Gharix, and possibly sort this whole mess out.

Gharix lays it all down


Agreias’ interrogation

Eclipse’s intervention

Tantra and Illina clash

Athearah negotiates with Asrael

Athearah surrenders

The aftermath


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