Mayor Max the White

The vampiric 'mayor' of the Adventurous, elected by a popular vote


The circumstances of his arrival on the Adventurous are much like those of Claire – that is, he was facing execution at the hands of the villagers, after having been caught, and Gharix thought that he might as well see what a symbiote could do for him.

Facing death, Max agreed, thinking he would be able to use mist form to escape at is convenience. In fact, once they left the veil, he seemed to be quite unable to use it.

He was angry, and accused Gharix of tricking him on many occasions before his rage slowly faded. Once Gharix was certain he wasn’t faking, he was released onto the Adventurous, and he’s been a model citizen ever since.

Unlike most symbiote hosts, Max isn’t alive and isn’t using his actual, physical brain. He isn’t sensitive to the hive mind in the slightest, although his symbiote is still in contact nonetheless.

In order to implant the symbiote, Gharix had to restore vitality to Max’s body. The Enforcer symbiote he implanted now operates his organs for him, keeping his body in a functional-enough state to sustain itself. Max himself feeds off of the symbiote and his own body like he used to feed off his victims. The difference is that his symbiote’s uncanny ability to regenerate is enough to sate Max’s appetite for good, while holding the symbiote’s growth in check.

Zombies and skeletons are known to simply fail when they pass outside the veil, but apparently, vampires are different. He still has all the same vulnerabilities – to sunlight, for example. But living inside the Adventurous, there is no risk of accidental exposure to the sun, nor are there any large running bodies of water.

Mayor Max the White

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