Administrator Agreias

The Administrator assigned to oversee Gharix's operations


A mortal descendant of pure angels, much like those who serve under his command.

While he has operational authority on the Adventurous, he isn’t technically the highest ranking officer on the ship. This means he has absolute discretion with regards to Gharix and the project, but doesn’t have direct command of the troops.

He chose to use an openhanded policy of non-interference, possibly out of sympathy for the people whose lives his presence has disrupted. He’s a long way from winning over the hearts and minds of the people, but they at least haven’t responded with outright hostility.

The return of the Diamondstalker Arc

Agreias’ fears were realized when he finally confronted Gharix. His authority ended, however, once Eclipse revealed his true colors and shut down the barracks. With communication cut off, Asrael acted alone, ordering Tantra to use the hive mind to launch a preemptive counterattack.

In the aftermath, Agreias has again resumed operational authority. Who knows what his superiors will do when they hear his report, though? Hopefully the investigation will show that Asrael’s presence did more harm than good.

Administrator Agreias

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