Legend of the Diamondstalker

Day 185

Log Begins Day 185 at 02:40

Illina wakes up in her sister’s bedroom, feeling refreshed and optimistic about the day in front of her. As she goes about the start of her day, she can visibly see the relief in everyone’s eyes, now that the threat looming over everyone’s head has been dealt with.

Everyone knew that one day, the hosts and the Nihilim would clash. The results were less bloody than everyone had feared, but nobody has been left without scars.

Suddenly, Illina’s struck by a thought. Couldn’t I find Tantra through the hive mind? My broadcaster was easily reaching out over miles with just a little bit of power. Gharix said I could probably broadcast over an entire planet. Couldn’t I find her by flying by each of the planets and ‘listening’ for the hive mind?

Summary of loose ends

  • Agreias and Gharix are separately investigating exactly what Asrael was doing behind their backs
  • Athearah wants to pursue Tantra and the renegade hosts
  • Illina is wondering if she can locate Tantra via the hive mind
  • Lorn is still at large
  • Eclipse is working with IRIS to figure out who and what Tantra took with her, and whether or not she will be able to implant new symbiotes



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